Over time, any surface will begin to loose its natural look from pollution, rain, dirt, and other airborn particles that absorb into the surface and accumulate until cleaned. What sits on the surface of your properties stains and becomes unatractive, especially for those whom regularily use the property.

Restoration methods of pressure washing use applications such as high-pressure steam, environmentally friendly detergents, wet or dry sand blasting, or high-pressure water to remove any accumulated surface pollutions to bring surfaces back to life. When a thorough cleaning has been given to the desired surface of your property, not only will your’s and the community’s enjoyment of the property increase, but the value of the property will also increase.

  • Heritage Structures
  • Exterior Brick Restoration
  • Indoor Brick Restoration
  • Smoke Restoration
  • Mould Restoration
  • Rain Stains
  • Marble, Concrete, Stone, Precast
  • Wood

At Living Water, we truly enjoy seeing the product of our services become vibrant and full of new life. Restoration work allows us to use our acquired skills and knowledge of the work to bring buildings, streets, and communities back to a clean and encouraging state. Postitive client reaction has beomce the driving force for our dedicated services.