About Us

About Us

Living Water was founded in 1998 from scratch. At the time, we might have come across as a family with only a pickup truck and a hot water power washer. But we were more than that. We were a team with a clear mission: to conduct our business with the highest level of integrity and to perform each job to our customer’s utmost satisfaction. We were driven to become the best at what we do.

Our humble beginning was the best thing to happen to us. It taught us humility and forced us to keep learning. Over the years, wdeveloped deep expertise.  We grew from being a small, local family company into a full-service operation with customers across Ontario.

Today, we are proud to be entrusted with our customers’ most cherished and signature properties. We now clean, treat and remediate virtually all types of industrial, commercial, residential and historical surfaces and sites. Our services include general power washing; brick restoration; surface substance removal, such as stains, graffiti, paint and chewing gum; restaurant kitchen, exhaust system and equipment cleanups; construction and parking lot cleanups; and more.

Professionalism, skill and quality are our hallmarks. We are diligent and attentive to detail. We exceed expectations with superior results at an optimal value. We enjoy enduring customer relationships and we are fiercely loyal in return.